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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it possible for me to cancel my reservation once it has been placed??
A: You can absolutely make alterations to your reservations as needed. We ask that you please read our terms and conditions of cancellation and change, before calling in to alter reservations.

Q: If we have a large group of people, can we still book transportation for driving to Gatwick??
A: It is entirely not a problem for our company to handle larger groups of people. Because special vehicles will need to be made available for large groups, we ask that you inform us ahead of time that you will needa transport for a larger group. This way we can ensure that you're receiving the pricing of our cheap taxi service that you would with a smaller group. Please call our service to enquire about costs and bookings.

Q: Is there a certain amount of time before I need the services of Gatwick Airport Taxis & Transfers that I should call ahead??
A: It would be best for all parties involved if you made sure to book at least 6 hours ahead of when you require our service. We do, however, often have vehicles available on shorter notice if necessary. So, if you're in a bind trying to get from Gatwick to London, just give us a call and we'll do our best to assist you.

Q: Do you charge fare based on the number of individuals utilizing the service, or the number of vehicles used??
A: All of our prices are based on a per vehicle pricing model. This helps us ensure that we're giving you a cheap taxi services the best we can.

Q: Are there charges that won't be shown to me upfront? What if my flight is late??
A: Absolutely Not. All charges will be shown to you before, or at the time of purchase. Any fees associated with cards will be displayed online before booking takes place. If you're flight is late, provide us with the flight number and you won't be charged extra for your cheap taxi.

Q: Are your Gatwick Airport Taxis & Transfers licensed??
A: We are, of course, registered with the Public Carriage Office (PCO).

Q: Do you have different types of vehicles??
A: We have a range of different vehicles that we utilize to get you from Gatwick to London and vice versa, depending on the number of passengers you have.

Q: How long have you been providing a cheap taxi service??
A: Our team has been in the Gatwick Airport Taxis & Transfers business for over 15 years now.

Q: Which airports does your company service??
A: All major London Airports: Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Luton and London City Airport, are included in our service area.

Q: If I only have cash, can I pay the driver that way??
A: Definitely! Please make sure to pay your driver in Pounds Sterling (£) once you've reached your destination.

Q: Can I pay by credit or debit card??
A: Yes. A paypal account is not required to utilize our services with a debit or credit card. Whether driving to Gatwick or any other place, we try to be flexible in our payment methods.

Q: Does your cheap taxi service accept company contracts??
A: Yes, we're more than happy to help a company arrange its Gatwick Airport Taxis & Transfers needs. Just contact us about the service and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Q: How will I locate your driver once I've arrived??
A: They will be given your contact information before their departure. They will call to arrange a spot to meet them at. If you'd like, meet and greet services can be arranged for an extra fee.

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Call us: +44 (0) 1737668060

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What’s a new airport transfer company to do when they are competing against the big boys in the internet-hood? That’s one of the questions we asked before embarking on a new business venture forGatwick airport transfers. The answer was simple – strive to be just a bit different, while treating our customers the way they deserve to be treated, like celebrities. But, just in case and for good measure, offer our customers modernised and luxury vehicles at affordable costs. So, as the old saying goes; in with the new and out with the old. ... read more

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